Anne-Michelle Marsden

Anne-Michelle Marsden

  • Associate Teaching Professor, Labor Studies and Employment Relations (LSER)
Labor Education Center, 50 Labor Center Way, New Brunswick, NJ 08901-8520

Master of Science, University of Florida

Curriculum Vitae - CV (PDF)

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Professor Marsden has been a faculty member at Rutgers since 1985 and officially joined the SMLR faculty in 2008. She was one of the first faculty members to develop and teach asynchronous online courses at Rutgers – more than 20 years ago, and in 2007, she received a national Excellence in Online Teaching Award that was sponsored by eCollege. Throughout her time at SMLR, Anne-Michelle has developed nine online courses and has worked with more than 40 different professors to assist in developing their online courses as well. In March 2023, she was recognized as one of the university's inaugural recipients of the Excellence in Online Teaching Award presented by Rutgers Teaching and Learning with Technology.

Anne-Michelle currently teaches six asynchronous online undergraduate and graduate courses, including The Inclusive Workplace, Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace, Diversity & Inclusion, Professional Development Strategies, and Organizational Behavior.  

In 2020, she integrated DEI content into three of her courses that do not focus on the subject matter so that students would gain knowledge and skills to be more inclusive co-workers, team leaders, and supervisors. Professor Marsden takes great pride in working one-on-one with each of her students, including those who need support academically or those who need to be acclimated to asynchronous online instruction. She welcomes the opportunity to teach a community of students who are not only demographically diverse but also have differing levels of academic and life experience. 


Graduate Courses

  • The Inclusive Workplace
  • Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

Undergraduate Courses 

  • Diversity & Inclusion 
  • Emotional Intelligence 
  • Professional Development Strategies
  • Organizational Behavior