The founding mission of the School of Management and Labor Relations is to offer research and education that will enhance collaboration and harmonious relations between the intrinsically competing interests of labor and management. Through improving understanding and capacity for managing employment relationships, the school contributes to the economic welfare of the communities that it serves.

We translate this mission into practice by offering educational programs to businesses, labor organizations, and their leadership and management; we produce new knowledge and help to translate that knowledge into tools for better organization and management, as well as policy advice; and we develop long-term relationships with stakeholders in government, business, and labor organizations in order to collaborate in the generation and application of cutting edge know-how. We focus our efforts in a number of important impact areas, listed below. 

Future of Work

Remaining on the cusp of the changing nature of work, the role of technology in shaping work and workforce development approaches that match the changing environment 

Gender & Diversity

Helping women to break through the glass ceiling and all workers managing work-life balance

Global Work

Redefining the governance of work and employees’ roles within it and the roles of institutions at different levels


Shaping policies and practices within the growing healthcare sector to meet the needs of workers, providers, and recipients

Shared Capitalism

Reshaping the relationship between workers and the workplace through practice and studies on employee ownership, profit sharing, and gain sharing

Strategic Human Resource Management

Using cutting-edge research to develop organizational leaders and achieve business success

Worker Organization