The Center for Global Work and Employment explores the consequences of a deepening global economy for the governance of work through research, curriculum innovation, and public engagement. Learn more about the Center.


Three primary research streams guide our work:

Future of Work. We explore how to build a human-centered future of work, engaging communities of scholars and practitioners around the world.

China’s Rise and Changing Global Employment Relations. We examine China’s impact on global patterns of employment relations and human resource management, focusing on the intersection of industrial relations and international business. 

Comparative Political Economy of Work. We critically engage with contemporary debates about the global knowledge economy, studying the shifting politics and governance of labor, work, and education across industries and countries.  

The Center began a working paper series in 2022 to feature and disseminate pertinent research by affiliated scholars. See the full list of CGWE working papers here.

Curriculum Innovation

The Center supports students’ appreciation of global connections through internationalizing the curriculum, including reframing course offerings through a global lens; providing opportunities for students to study abroad; and deepening connections with top global universities. Learn more.

Upcoming Event

Speaking Up in a Non-Native Tongue: Status, Voice, and Leadership Emergence in Multinational Teams​

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Fri, 03/01/2024, 1:00pm - 2:30pm

Join the Center for Global Work and Employment and the Center for a Research Talk by B. Sebastian Reiche, PhD of IESE Business School.

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Latest Working Paper

Image of Working Paper 2023.2

Schulze-Cleven, Tobias and Todd E. Vachon. Building the Future of Work Today: A Labor Studies Perspective. CGWE Working Paper 2023.02.


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Call for Papers

Asia Pacific Business Review
The COVID-19 pandemic, de-globalization, and sustainability of global supply chains in the Asia Pacific: Challenges and Opportunities

This call for papers aims to invite both theoretical and empirical studies that investigate and analyze the challenges and opportunities brought about by the pandemic and de-globalization for sustainability of global supply chains in the Asia Pacific region, the responses taken by stakeholders of global supply chains and their impacts on the economic, social, and environmental aspects of supply chain sustainability in the region.
Submission deadline: October 15, 2023.

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Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources
Situating the Debates on Technologies and Work in the Asia Pacific

In this special issue, we are particularly interested in how the workplace deployment of new technologies is embedded in the unique national and local contexts of the Asia Pacific, and what this social embeddedness means for workers, firms, employment relations, and HRM. Empirical studies that address both managerial and institutional issues within the broader context of technology deployment in the workplace are encouraged. 
Submission deadline: January 31, 2024.

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Recent Publications

Image of LERA research volume coverRevaluing Work(ers): Toward a Democratic and Sustainable Future

Edited by Tobias Schulze-Cleven and Todd E. Vachon (Cornell University Press)

This volume presents a labor studies perspective on the future of work, arguing that revaluing work—the efforts and contributions of workers—is crucial to realizing the promises of democracy and improving sustainability. 
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Image of Imbalance: Germany's Political Economy book coverImbalance: Germany’s Political Economy after the Social Democratic Century

Edited by Tobias Schulze-Cleven and Sidney A. Rothstein (Routledge)

This book assesses Germany’s political economy after the end of the "social democratic" 20th century to rethink its dominant properties and create new opportunities for using the country as a powerful lens into the evolution of democratic capitalism. 
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Event Highlights

Online Summer Camp Program with Renmin University of China

Rutgers Center for Global Work and Employment organized an Online Summer Camp of Labor Relations and Human Resource Management in collaboration with Rutgers Global for 15 undergraduate students from the School of Labor and Human Resources, Renmin University of China. Held from July 25 to August 19, 2022, the camp consisted of 10 lectures on frontiers of labor and human resources taught by SMLR faculty and 10 lectures of academic English. CGWE organized the first summer camp for Renmin students onsite at Rutgers in 2019, but the program has been suspended in recent years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The successful experience of the online camp this year may help sustain this program in the future. 

Virtual Talk: Private Regulation of Labor Standards in Global Supply Chains - 2/25/22Image of Private Regulation of Labor Standards book cover

Rutgers Center for Global Work and Employment and Rutgers Business School hosted a virtual discussion with Sarosh Kuruvilla (Cornell University) on his recent book “Private Regulation of Labor Standards in Global Supply Chains: Problems, Progress, and Prospects.”

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Image of Climate Change March
Climate Change and the Future of Workers: Toward a Just Transition - 12/7/21

New York City LERA and Rutgers Center for Global Work and Employment hosted a virtual panel on climate change and the future of work, with a focus on the importance of including worker and community voices in shaping and implementing transitions to ensure the potential for just outcomes.

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Image of Revaluing Work(ers) - 2021 LERA Research Volume Book Launch EventRevaluing Work(ers) – 2021 LERA Research Volume Book Launch Event - 10/27/21

This LERA research volume edited by SMLR’s Tobias Schulze-Cleven and Todd Vachon explores how we can build a world of work that delivers for workers and addresses systemic crises.  

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Image of Germany After Merkel Roundtable DiscussionGermany After Merkel: A Roundtable Discussion of the Federal Election Results - 09/29/21

The Center for Global Work and Employment and the Center for European Studies hosted an online roundtable discussion of the German federal election results. 

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Image of map of Asia for 9/15/21 DiscussionHybrid Talk: The Evolving Political Economy of Labor in China & Indonesia - 09/15/21

Speaker: William Hurst, Chong Hua Professor of Chinese Development at the University of Cambridge

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Image of Need for Effective Leadership in Uncertain TimesThe Need for Effective Leadership in Uncertain Times - 04/13/21

Speaker: Chris Rowley, Professor Emeritus at The Business School, City, University of London

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Image of Order Overload? Demand Spikes and Labor Violations in Global Supply ChainsOrder Overload? Demand Spikes and Labor Violations in Global Supply Chains - 12/18/20

Speaker: Greg Distelhorst, Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto

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Image of Preventing Unemployment in GermanyPreventing Unemployment During COVID-19: Lessons from European "Short-Time" Employment Schemes - 06/18/20

This webinar explores how European countries have used “short-time” employment schemes to buffer economic displacement by allowing companies to apply for publicly sponsored wage replacement as they reduce employees’ work hours (including to zero). 

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