A deepening global economy has challenged inherited approaches to labor management. The Center for Global Work & Employment explores the consequences of increased transnational competition for labor markets, employment relations and workplace conflicts around the world. In tracking the changing governance of work, it engages with strategic responses by businesses, workers and public authorities.


Workplace Transformation

The center engages with the transformation of work through interconnected lines of academic inquiry. View our research

Stakeholder Engagement and Academic Network 

In line with SMLR’s mission, the center actively involves stakeholders in research, from developing projects to exploring the practical implications of academic inquiries. The center is also linked with academic partners, both domestically and internationally. Learn more

Internationalizing the Curriculum

The center contributes to the internationalization of Rutgers University by:

  • Supporting comprehensive internationalization strategies - Learn more
  • Engaging in partnership-building with universities in China - Learn more
  • Facilitating student attendance at summer school in Transnational Sociology at the University of Duisburg-Essen - Learn more
  • Providing Research Opportunities for Undergraduates - Learn more

Call for Proposals: The RU Global Future of Workers Grant Opportunity

image of apply button graphicThe Center for Global Work and Employment is accepting proposals for small innovation grants (~$1000) from PhD students pursuing research on work that includes one or more of the following: relevance to global dynamics or systems and/or underrepresented regions/voices in labor research; interdisciplinary framing and accessible language; application to practice; and, broad relevance to the Future of Work(ers) discourse. The deadline for proposals has been extended to September 30, 2021.
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Upcoming Events

Event Highlights

Image of Climate Change March
Climate Change and the Future of Workers: Toward a Just Transition - 12/7/21

New York City LERA and Rutgers Center for Global Work and Employment hosted a virtual panel on climate change and the future of work, with a focus on the importance of including worker and community voices in shaping and implementing transitions to ensure the potential for just outcomes.

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Image of Revaluing Work(ers) - 2021 LERA Research Volume Book Launch EventRevaluing Work(ers) – 2021 LERA Research Volume Book Launch Event - 10/27/21

This LERA research volume edited by SMLR’s Tobias Schulze-Cleven and Todd Vachon explores how we can build a world of work that delivers for workers and addresses systemic crises.  

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Image of Germany After Merkel Roundtable DiscussionGermany After Merkel: A Roundtable Discussion of the Federal Election Results - 09/29/21

The Center for Global Work and Employment and the Center for European Studies hosted an online roundtable discussion of the German federal election results. 

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Image of map of Asia for 9/15/21 DiscussionHybrid Talk: The Evolving Political Economy of Labor in China & Indonesia - 09/15/21

Speaker: William Hurst, Chong Hua Professor of Chinese Development at the University of Cambridge

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Image of Need for Effective Leadership in Uncertain TimesThe Need for Effective Leadership in Uncertain Times - 04/13/21

Speaker: Chris Rowley, Professor Emeritus at The Business School, City, University of London

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Image of Order Overload? Demand Spikes and Labor Violations in Global Supply ChainsOrder Overload? Demand Spikes and Labor Violations in Global Supply Chains - 12/18/20

Speaker: Greg Distelhorst, Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto

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Image of Preventing Unemployment in GermanyPreventing Unemployment During COVID-19: Lessons from European "Short-Time" Employment Schemes - 06/18/20

This webinar explores how European countries have used “short-time” employment schemes to buffer economic displacement by allowing companies to apply for publicly sponsored wage replacement as they reduce employees’ work hours (including to zero). 

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