Program Overview

This professional program is designed for working adults with a demonstrated interest in either labor/social justice, or managing employees well. MLER graduates have a variety of intellectual interests and career objectives. With our degree, you might:

  • Add labor relations expertise to existing expertise in human resources
  • Build a career as a union professional
  • Advance in a government agency like the EEOC or the NLRB
  • Lead a community or non-profit organization
  • Explore intellectually how work is changing today

This diversity of outcomes is enhanced by the many choices available to our students.  You will take 4 required courses, 4 electives, and 4 courses chosen from categories of needed competency, like workforce diversity.

If you wish to work on the “employer side,” we expect that you will have four years of work experience or more.  On the other hand, those who want to work for unions, government, or employee advocacy organizations may demonstrate prior interest in other ways than work experience.

Fully Online

This professional program is 100% online and is designed for working professionals enrolled part-time – we encourage you to start with one or two courses per semester at the beginning and then take more if you can handle that.  Courses are available year-round and typically are asynchronous – that is, you do not need to be online on a specific day/time.  Usually you will have activities to do or assignments due each week.

Students in your online courses will be both from this program and our regular MLER program – if you want to take in-person courses as well as online courses, please apply to the regular MLER program

Flexible Schedule

Each semester, you will be able to choose from about 6 different online courses.  Degree completion depends on how many courses you take per semester.

GRE or GMAT Not Required

Admission is based on your college grades, your recommendations, your professional career, and/or your volunteer/political activities in the area of social justice.  We reserve the right to suggest that taking one of these exams and doing well would improve your chance of admission but that is an unusual occurrence.

Same Cost for Out-of-State and In-State Students

Tuition and fees for this program are the same for both types of students, with rates that are significantly lower for out of state students, but somewhat higher for in-state students than our regular MLER program. Tuition and fees are the same as for the Professional MHRM Online program.

High-Quality Courses

All our online courses are equivalent in quality and learning objectives to the in-person courses that we teach. The courses have been developed to ensure excellence in instructional design. 

Top-Ranked University/School

Rutgers University–New Brunswick ranks as the #1 public university in New Jersey and the #1 public university in the northeast, according to U.S. News & World Report. The Rutgers School of Management and Labor Relations itself ranks among the top 3 schools of its type in the world, along with Cornell University and the London School of Economics.

Terrific Faculty

Our faculty consists of leading scholars and professionals in the field of labor and employment relations. Faculty come from the disciplines of law, sociology, economics, history, business, and psychology, as well as employment relations itself. They have broad expertise and they provide an exceptional online learning experience. Courses allow you to interact with faculty and network with other students, along with opportunities to apply knowledge to real-world work situations.

A Career-smart Choice 

This master’s degree will position you to advance directly in your chosen field or to switch careers. You may utilize SMLR Career Services, the school's own career center with its staff of dedicated professionals who offer job search resources and career counseling services.

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Our academic programs and admissions processes reflect our commitment to be a welcoming place that values and promotes diversity, ensures equitable access to all opportunities, and provides an affirming and inclusive environment for all students, faculty, and staff.


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