Looking for an interesting Fall 2022 course to add to your schedule?

Check out these courses offered through the School of Management and Labor Relations! Open to all undergraduate students, no pre-requisites.

Labor Studies and Employment Relations (575)

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  • 37:575:265  Intro to Disability Studies
    Taught by Prof. Lisa Schur
    Online Synchronous  Mon. 2-5pm
    Perspectives on disability and its relationship to politics, employment, law, media, arts, sports, and built environments, focusing on creating social and economic change.
  • 37:575:316  Employment Discrimination Law
    Taught by Prof. Vik Advani
    Tues. 3:50-6:50pm
    Legal, regulatory and public policy approaches to employment discrimination of all types; Title VII, ADA, ADEA, relevant NJ laws, and related court decisions.
  • 37:575:355  Current Labor Problems
    Taught by Prof. Tami Lee
    Online Synchronous Wed. 2-5pm
    Explore labor and employment issues that have particular relevance in contemporary society.

Human Resource Management (533)

Check out all of our courses offered for Fall on the Rutgers Schedule of Classes

  • 37:533:301  Intro to Human Resource Management
    Online and in-person sections offered
    Covers the broad range of topics associated with HR management from the perspective of the HR professional, the manager, and the employee. Serves as the base course in the undergrad HRM major and minor. For students who hope to become managers or team leaders during their careers, covers issues such as staffing, motivating, and developing team members.
  • 37:533:317  Career Management
    Online and in-person sections offered 
    Provides an overview of career management topics including understanding self-assessment results, preparing for the job market, understanding the job search process, and maximizing effectiveness in career development. Also covers basic personal career enhancing skills and topics including resume writing, interviewing skills, work-life harmony, and relocation.