Black Womxn Demands: A Dialogue Series
Mon, 09/07/2020 - 12:00

Co-sponsored by WILL Empower, Advancing Black Strategists Initiative, National Black Worker Center Project, and Crunk Feminist Collective



"No demands on Black womxn without listening to Black womxn demands!"

Black Womxn Demands is a statement circulated on feminist, labor, and women’s leadership websites shortly after the nation witnessed white policemen murder George Floyd and learned of Breonna Taylor's murder by police. It highlights our critical role challenging American history and narratives, in addition to foregrounding the injuries, harms, and struggles that demand so much of our time and energy.

This virtual dialogue series calls Black womxn activists, trade unionists, feminists, leaders, and scholars into dialogue with one another to discuss current demands for economic, racial, gender, and LGBTQ+ justice for Black people and others. These dialogues invite everyone to listen closely to Black womxn demands and to learn much more about us, our scholarship, and our movement work.

virtual dialogue series
Dialogue #1 (8/13/20)

Dr. Sheri Davis (CIWO/WILL Empower) and Dr. Naomi R Williams (Rutgers SMLR) in conversation about Black Women's "Equal" Pay Day.

Image of Black Womxn Demands Dialogue #3
Dialogue #3 (10/14/20)

Unpacking the "Double Gap" - the dual gender & race wage gap experienced by Black women in the United States - with Dr. Michelle Holder. Read Dr. Holder's full report here.

virtual dialogue series
Dialogue #2 (9/7/20)

#BlackLaborDay with Tanya Wallace-Gobern (National Black Worker Centers Project) and Dr. Chanel Craft Tanner (Center for Women at Emory and Crunk Feminist Collective).

BlackWomxnDemands Dialogue #4
Dialogue #4 (1/20/21)

Black Political Power -- Angela Lang ( BLOC) and Dr. Melanye Price (Prairie View A&M University) on Black political power here & now and its impact on Black womxn.

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