Cognitive Skills and Process

The cognitive skills and process area reflects the goal for SMLR programs to help students develop skills central to lifelong learning and participation in society and the workplace.

I) Written & Oral Communication

Communicate effectively at a level and in modes appropriate to an entry level professional.

II) Quantitative Skills

Apply appropriate quantitative and qualitative methods for research workplace issues.

III) Research Skills

Demonstrate an ability to collect, analyze, and synthesize information to make logical and informed decisions impacting the workplace.

Knowledge of Theory, Practice and Application

The knowledge of theory and application area reflects the goal for SMLR programs to ensure that students learn the key theoretical and foundation areas of study in their domains and realize opportunities to apply that knowledge to practice situations.

IV) Theoretical Perspective

Demonstrate an understanding of relevant theories and apply them given the background context of a particular work situation.

V) Understanding Context

Evaluate the context of workplace issues, public policies, and management decisions.

VI) Application

Demonstrate an understanding of how to apply knowledge necessary for effective work performance.

Professional Development

VII) Professional Development

Demonstrate an ability to interact with and influence others in a professional manner.

MHRM Courses



SMLR Learning Categories

580 HR I I, IV
590 HR II I, IV
680 HR III I, II, IV
690 HR IV I, IV, II, III, V
635 Rewards I, II, IV, VI
614 Benefits I, II
565 Econ and Demo I, IV, V
542 Data Base Decisions II, VI
566 Employment Law I, V, VI
540 Finance II, VI
533 Workforce Flow I, IV, V,VI
685 Creating/ Managing Change I, IV, VI
634 Developing Human Capital I, IV, V, VI
610 Internal Consulting I, IV, V, VI
614 Green HR I, IV, VI, V
612 HRIS I, VI
614 Career Development I, VII
612 Organizational Learning I, IV, VI
616 Diversity I, V, VI
614 Law, ADA, Special Topics I, V, VI
636 Corporate Governance I, V, VI
613 HR and Innovation I, IV, VI
617 Social Networking I, IV, VI