The HRM Department recognizes the following as internships:

  1. Carefully monitored and structured work experience in which a student has intentional learning goals and reflects actively on what he/she is learning throughout the experience.
  2. Positions that promote academic, career and/or personal development within the field of HRM
  3. Positions that may be paid or unpaid (must comply with FLSA – see fact sheet #71)
  4. Positions supervised by a full-time Human Resource Professional Staff Member, or, in a small organization the senior administrator in charge of the human resource function.
  5. Positions that have an indication of mentorship.
  6. Positions that are HR oriented with the bulk of the tasks concentrated in Human Resource areas such as:  Compensation, Benefits, Staffing, Training & Development, HRIS, or Leadership Development

In alignment with the University Career Services RICP Program, the HRM Department does not recognize the following as internships:

  1. Volunteer positions with for-profit organizations.
  2. Research positions or positions involving payment for participation as a research subject.
  3. Positions that are commission only.  Positions that have a salary plus commission are acceptable.
  4. Positions performed in private homes, including childcare, gardening, housekeeping, and respite care.
  5. Camp counselor positions.
  6. Positions obtained from temporary agencies or third-party recruiters.
  7. Multi-level marketing opportunities.
  8. Positions that require any investment by the student, for instance, having to purchase equipment or products in order to earn a wage or paying for necessary training.
  9. Ongoing part-time or full-time jobs that do  not relate to the student's career goals

Students have three ways to receive academic recognition for an internship.  The department of major is one avenue.  In order for HRM students to be able to apply for credit through the HRM Department, they must first be eligible and follow the steps to apply for credit.  Further they must abide by the deadlines and policies set by the HRM Department. Information regarding the HRM Departmental Policies on internships may be found here.

Academic credit is issued only after the terms of an internship have been met.  Such terms are determined by the HRM Department and reflect a minimum of 120 hours spent on HR related activities performed in a manner that provides a developmental and mentoring opportunity.  Given that credit is given in terms of an academic course, employers should follow the recommended posting deadlines:

Spring: Post no later than October 1; Extend offers by January 1

Summer: Post by March 1; Extend offers by May 1

Fall: Post by July 1; Extend offers by August 15th.

Employers that wish to extend an offer based upon the student’s eligibility to receive academic credit through the HRM Department may check with the HRM Department Student Counselor to verify eligibility.  Also, employers wishing to ensure that an eligible student will be able to receive credit for an internship may request a form for pre-approval of the internship.  Pre-approval must take place on a semester to semester basis.  Also, employers considering offering unpaid internships should review the US DOL Fact Sheet 71.