"LEARN Lessons" is a collection of mini-lectures delivered by various experts on topics of importance to unions, labor relations professionals, health and safety advocates, and others working in the field of work and employment.

Topics range from broad social questions such as income inequality and race to more specific issues like how to file an OPRA request, or best practices during Weingarten meetings. We hope that you will find these video lectures helpful in your daily work. 

The 1934 Seabrook Farms Strike: Black Workers in the Agricultural Industry in South Jersey - Daniel Sidorick, Rutgers University

A. Philip Randolph's Life and Leadership: Race, Labor and Civil Rights in the 20th Century - Christopher Hayes, Rutgers University

African Americans' Struggle for Full Rights in the U.S. Labor Movement - Mike Slott, Rutgers University

A Democracy Cannot Exist Without Labor Unions: Paul Robeson and the Labor Movement - William Brucher, Rutgers University

Juneteenth - Erica Smiley, Jobs With Justice

Prevailing Wage - 101 - Todd Vachon, Rutgers University

Race: What is it? - Todd Vachon, Rutgers University

Racism, Prejudice, and Discrimination ​ - Todd Vachon, Rutgers University