We welcome transfer students to all our undergraduate programs. Students wishing to graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Labor and Employment Relations (LER) must transfer to SMLR.

The BSLER degree opens the door to many possible jobs and career paths

Students at the LEC

  • Many who earn a Bachelor’s can move to higher level jobs where they now work
  • You’ll have a choice of career paths ranging from management to representing workers
  • If you are interested in Human Resource Management, you can double major or minor
  • Our dedicated SMLR Career Services, along with Rutgers Career Services, will help you get started after you graduate

The BSLER is a student-centered program

  • You’ll have access to dedicated academic advisors in the daytime and evening
  • We offer pre-admission advising and credit evaluation
  • Flexible scheduling options including daytime, evening, online, and off-campus courses
  • The Labor Education Center on the Cook/Douglass Campus offers a student lounge, vending machines, library, wireless access, as well as convenient parking

You have many choices!

Consider exploring any or all of the following:

  • Work organization and Management
  • Diversity in the workplace
  • Law in the workplace
  • Unions and social movements
  • Work and globalization
photo of student studying at the LEC library
Did You Know?
You can earn a Master's degree with just one extra year of study

LER students with a good academic record can earn a Master's degree in Labor & Employment relations with just one extra year of study.

Transferring from Outside Rutgers

To Apply: Students must submit an online application for external transfer through Rutgers Admissions. Visit the Rutgers Admissions "How we make decisions" webpage for information on the application review process. 

Application Inquiries: Transfer applications are processed by Rutgers Admissions. You should be able to find most information through Rutgers Admissions websites including additional information for international applicants. For questions about your application status, please consult with the Office of Undergraduate Admissions directly.

> Click here to view policies about transfer of credits.

Transferring from Within Rutgers

Currently matriculated students at Rutgers University (New Brunswick, Camden or Newark) may submit an online school-to-school transfer application through Rutgers Admissions School-to-School Transfer webpage upon reviewing the criteria for admissions. Students should successfully complete College Writing (or the two-course equivalent for students from Newark or Camden) and a minimum of 24 Rutgers degree credits before transfer.

The school-to-school transfer application is NOT permitted for non-matriculated (non-degree) students at Rutgers University – they should apply to Rutgers Admissions as if they are transferring from outside Rutgers.

Previous Rutgers Students

Students who were previously undergraduates and who wish to return to Rutgers for a degree in Labor and Employment Relations should apply through the Re-enrollment Application, whether this would be their first or second Rutgers degree.

If you have questions or wish to discuss what to do in another situation, please contact Professor Paula Voos at pbvoos@work.rutgers.edu.

For More Information

Contact the undergraduate advisors, Amy Marchitto at lobelo@smlr.rutgers.edu or 848-932-8559 and Anuja Rivera at anujab@smlr.rutgers.edu or 848-932-1749.