The Bachelor of Science program in Labor and Employment Relations is designed so that students with at least one year of college can complete their degree through a flexible combination of online, daytime, weekend, evening, and/or off-campus courses. In addition, re-enrollment is made easy for those who must interrupt their studies, and non-matriculated status is available for visiting students who want to try a few courses in the program. 

  • Transfer up to 60 credits to Rutgers from a county college
  • Transfer up to 90 credits from a combination of 2 and 4 year institutions
  • Fulfill all your general education requirements with an AA or AS from a NJ county college (numerous AAS degrees also fulfill many requirements)
  • Flexibly combine online and in-person courses
  • Attend daytime, evening, and weekend classes in New Brunswick or at off-campus locations

Participants also have the option to earn a master's degree through SMLR's five-year plan.

If you have approximately two years of college credits, it is possible to complete this degree entirely online. You should be sure your general education requirements are complete before attempting this. For more information about transferring to the B.S. program in Labor and Employment Relations, visit our transfer information page.  

Forms for SMLR B.S. Students

Please note: most of the forms below are for students enrolled directly in SMLR. If you are an SAS Labor Studies & Employment Relations major, please visit the SAS Academic Advising page.


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