Union Leadership Academy
Fall 2023 - Spring 2024 Schedule


Fall 2023 Course Offering - Online Course

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Session I - Online:
US Labor History, 1776-2023 ​

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Dates: Mondays, September 11 - October 16
Time: 6:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m. (EST)

Instructor: Professors Naomi R Williams, Will Brucher, Dan Sidorick, and Todd E. Vachon

Format: Remote (via Zoom)

This course gives a broad overview of U.S. labor history from the colonial period to the present. Each week students will have short pre-class assignments.Class will consist of lectures and small and large group discussions to better understand labor history from the perspective of working people and how that knowledge is useful for us today. LEARN from top US labor historians for just $90!

Session 2- Online:
Building Strong Unions: The Role of the Shop Steward

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Dates: Wednesday, November 1 - December 13
Time: 5:30 pm - 8:30 pm (EST)

Instructors: Djar Horn (and special guests)

Format: Remote (via Zoom)

This workshop will cover all of the major duties and responsibilities of the shop steward – the first line of defense for the union as well as the eyes, ears, and voice on the shop floor. Topics will include Stewards’ rights, such as the equality principle, Weingarten rights, right to information, organizing rights, just cause, and more. The class will also cover various methods of contract enforcement, including organizing and using the grievance procedure to solve workplace issues.

Contributes toward completion of the Rutgers LEARN - Union Leadership Academy (ULA) certificate.  


Spring 2023 Course Offerings - Online Courses