The New Political Economy of Higher Education

Special issue of Higher Education edited by Johannes Angermuller, Jens Maesse, Tilman Reitz and Tobias Schulze-Cleven

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The multidisciplinary contributions in this special issue provide new analytical tools to understand the competitive transformation of higher education in different national, institutional, and disciplinary contexts.

Full citation:

Angermuller, Johannes, Jens Maesse, Tilman Reitz and Tobias Schulze-Cleven, eds. 2017. The New Political Economy of Higher Education. Special issue of Higher Education 73(6): 795–997.

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Table of Contents

Tobias Schulze-ClevenTilman Reitz, Jens Maesse & Johannes Angermuller, “The new political economy of higher education: between distributional conflicts and discursive stratification” (795-812)

Tobias Schulze-Cleven & Jennifer R. Olson, “Worlds of higher education transformed: toward varieties of academic capitalism” (813-831)

Heinz-Dieter Meyer & Kai Zhou, “Autonomy or oligarchy? The changing effects of university endowments in winner-take-all markets” (833-851)

Bob Jessop, “Varieties of academic capitalism and entrepreneurial universities” (853-870)

Tilman Reitz, “Academic hierarchies in neo-feudal capitalism: how status competition processes trust and facilitates the appropriation of knowledge” (871-886)

Oliver Wieczorek, Stephanie Beyer & Richard Münch, “Fief and benefice feudalism. Two types of academic autonomy in US chemistry” (887-907)

Jens Maesse, “The elitism dispostif: hierarchization, discourses of excellence and organizational change in European economics” (909-927)

Roland Bloch & Alexander Mitterle, “On stratification in changing higher education: the ‘analysis of status’ revisited” (929-946)

Julie Bouchard, “Academic media ranking and the configurations of values in higher education: a sociotechnical history of a co-production in France between the media, state and higher education (1976-1989)” (947-962)

Johannes Angermuller, “Academic careers and the valuation of academics. A discursive perspective on status categories and academic salaries in France as compared to the U.S., Germany and Great Britain” (963-980)

Terri Kim, “Academic mobility, transnational identity capital, and stratification under conditions of academic capitalism” (981-997)