CWW Affiliates help us with our shared goals of connecting and supporting a community of Rutgers scholars who are interested in engaging in research that is linked to advancing economic equity and social justice for women workers their families, and their communities. 

Our Affiliates

Skye Allmang
Social Work

Jeounghee Kim
Social Work

Jocelyn Crowley
Public Policy

Helen Liu
Human Resource Management
Rebecca Givan
Labor Studies and Employment Relations
Tobias Schulze-Cleven
Labor Studies and Employment Relations
Anna Haley
Social Work
Naomi Williams
Labor Studies and Employment Relations

Become a Center for Women and Work Affiliate

If you are interested in becoming a CWW Affiliate, please contact  Debra Lancaster,

Research Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

  • Economic insecurity
  • Poverty and the social safety net
  • Carework
  • Intersectionality of race, gender, work
  • Precarious employment
  • Reducing inequality and poverty for women
  • Women’s leadership
  • Women’s role in social movements
  • Gendered division of labor
  • Equity focused policy research
  • Pay gap(s)
  • Work and family
  • Future of work(ers)
  • Women’s health and economic outcomes
  • #metoo