“The goal of this research fellowship is to provide substantial support for the future research of a seasoned emerging scholar in the area of broad-based employee stock ownership in corporations in American society whose work is likely to have a meaningful impact on the entire academic field for many years to come.  I am pleased to know that this prospective researcher will be able to benefit from the mentoring of faculty at the  Rutgers’ School of Management and Labor Relations and other fellows and faculty mentors with years of experience in carefully and objectively studying the interesting questions that will arise. ” 

- Joseph Cabral

The Joseph Cabral Distinguished Scholar and Fellow award was developed to encourage the study of broad-based employee ownership in the corporation and society of the United States.  The research fellowship will be awarded to an emerging scholar in the social sciences, the humanities, or in the professions, such as law or business, who holds a Ph.D. or a professional degree and has already received an initial fellowship in the fellowship program.  The fellowship will provide two additional years of research support at $10,000 per year to this current fellow who has distinguished himself or herself by his or her research contributions. This research fellowship will be awarded by the Fellowship Selection Committee to recognize outstanding research and leadership potential in the future as a result of working on major new contributions to knowledge in the area of broad-based employee ownership, such as the Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP).  No application is required.  Research may include the study of corporate performance, competitiveness, the impact of the corporation on society, the distribution of newly created wealth, the financial position and well-being of workers, retirees, and their families, and the contribution of employee-owned firms to their local communities.  The fellowship honors the work and dedication to scholarship and the early contributions to the development of the fellowship program of Joseph Cabral who has served as the Chair of the Employee Ownership Foundation, the Chair of the ESOP Association and recipient of its Life Service Award, and the former Chairman and CEO of Chatsworth Products, Inc. a 100% employee owned company.  The Joseph Cabral Distinguished Scholar and Fellowship is supported by a generous gift of Joseph and Bonnie Cabral through the Employee Ownership Foundation.