The Blue Wolf Capital Fellowship, funded by Blue Wolf Capital Partners LLC, was developed as a research fellowship to encourage studies by early-career scholars of broad and broader based profit and ownership sharing within private equity firms in the United States. 

Scholars conduct empirical studies of efforts to include a broad segment of workers in profit sharing and/or equity sharing within private equity firms and also within the portfolio companies that are owned and managed by private equity firms.  The fellowship envisions studies that will explore the possibility of sharing equity and capital income widely among workers. The studies will also examine the financial mechanisms involved, the economic performance implications, the social organization of such endeavors, and the implications for the private equity sector and society as a whole of more extensive financial participation by regular workers. 

The fellowship will be awarded to doctoral students, recent Ph.D. graduates, pre-tenure professors and post-tenure scholars affiliated with U.S. institutions in economics, finance, human resource management/employee relations, psychology, political science, public policy, sociology, and related disciplines.  The fellowship brings outstanding scholars into contact with a group of junior and senior researchers working in related areas who support each other’s work in an annual winter workshop and a summer symposium.  Prospective fellows may also receive assistance in identifying national datasets and possible companies relevant to their proposed empirical work.  Both quantitative and qualitative examinations, including case studies, are encouraged.  Past recipients of fellowships are eligible to apply.  The fellowship carries a research stipend in the amount of $25,000. 

Blue Wolf Capital Partners LLC is a New York-based private equity firm that invests in companies in order to develop effective management of relationships with complex constituencies, such as government and labor, that can change organizations and create value.