Image of Ray Carey

“Rutgers’ School of Management and Labor Relations is clearly the leading academic center for research and policy in this field. I want to do my part to add to its impressive momentum toward studying alternatives that can raise the standard of living for all wage earners and families. The Carey Fellowship can help study the reforms necessary to avoid a repetition of the present economic disaster.”

— Raymond B. Carey

The Ray Carey Fellowship in Democratic Capitalism was developed to encourage the study of the democratic work culture with broad-based profit sharing and employee ownership opportunities for wage earners in corporations. The fellowship was established by Ray Carey, based on his experience and study of economic alternatives during his 18 years as CEO and chair of ADT Inc. At ADT, he designed and successfully implemented a stock purchase plan called “Care and Share.” Carey’s work with young people in education has included the support of more than 50 Carey Scholars, mainly from Cardinal Hayes and St. Thomas Aquinas high schools in the Bronx.

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